October 1, 2022

College Station, Texas Is A Great Place To Shop And Dine

There are tons of restaurants and night clubs to go to, but Tiff’s Treats is definitely my favorite hang out in town. Located at the old horse ranch at King Ranch, this wonderful little restaurant and bar are a great way to relax while exploring this wonderful little town.

This is also a great place to eat, though there is not a lot of seating inside. However, there is a large outdoor patio, which I loved as I sipped on a cold Margarita with some friends. The food here is a tasty variety, with mostly Tex-Mex items and sandwiches.

While eating at the restaurant and trying out the delicious food, we were lucky enough to walk through the door of the old horse ranch and into the King Ranch Saddle Shop. The friendly proprietor was friendly enough to make us lunch for our lunch stop at the restaurant. He also told us about his many years working for the ranch and about his store, which was opened over a century ago. There is a great section inside of this store that is full of antique saddles and old style boots.

I loved the store and found so many different kinds of boots, that I was pretty sure I would have been the one wearing them if I had been around when they were made. After all, this was a great place to find a saddle, saddlebags, and other horse-related items, all for less than twenty dollars.It is United States of America really a wonderful experience to have a nice place to spend your lunch break at during college days.

On the way out of the old store, we passed by a treasure trove of antiques, antique books, and such that were kept inside the old store.When I saw an interesting looking antique book of tiff’s treats insects that looked like they could belong to a real mystery writer, I looked for it further, and found it!

I spent the afternoon walking around and walking through this scenic landscape, looking at the breathtaking view of the Texas sky, mountain oak trees, and other wildlife that looked so natural to me. Everything was so beautiful, that I wanted to be right next to the mountains all day, just listening to the birds, taking in the sights.

I really feel fortunate to have spent the afternoon exploring this town, and I learned so much about the history of 979.559.9382 this small town.When we got back to the car, I started talking to one of College Station the guys who works in the store and I learned even more history about this area, and what the people of College Station were like in the past.

There are so many different things to do in College Station. From the comfort of your own home, you can hit up some great restaurants, take a stroll through the beautiful countryside, and of course, take a short drive into Texas’ wonderful hunting and fishing areas. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me as I travel through this amazing town, and I am going to be very happy to do it in my own car!

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College Station, Texas Is A Great Place To Shop And Dine
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